Accent Walls that Inspire Us

July 6, 2018

An accent wall is a beautiful way to break out the norm of an ordinary room and make the room extraordinary. Accent walls help emphasize architectural features within a home.

This is a dark accent trim wall in a light room helping the room find balance between the dark and light tones within the room.

The white trimming in this living room adds personality to the room. Staying within the coastal trend and not overpowering anything in the room, but rather emphasizing the beautiful artwork that ties the room together.

The beautiful triangle shaped trimming emphasizes the lighting and also brings interest to the boxed in architectural feature.Wood pallets as an accent wall brings your room a warm visual interest. The room is given a little more personality with the rustic depth. When choosing an accent wall that suits your taste, pick an area of your home that is well-trafficked so your guests can enjoy your style.

Choosing the Perfect Rug

June 29, 2018

If artwork and accessories are the fashion crave of home design, then rugs are the balancing piece and foundation of the room! The right rug(s) can really pull a look or room together. It is a perfect way to provide cushion and comfort to your space in a stylish manner.


Choosing the perfect rug starts with sizing. A tip for this is too purchase a rug where the at least the front legs of your furniture piece are on top of the rug. If you are choosing to purchase smaller rugs because of pricing you have the option to layer. A good idea when layering is to start with a neutral rug and proceed to layer it with the design preferred.



Chic Home Offices You’ll Never Want to Leave

June 22, 2018

It is easy to get distracted when working from home, so for maximum productivity it’s important to set yourself up for success with furniture, tools, and décor.


This home office is beautifully put together in a monochromatic way. Allowing everything to flow effortlessly with just gold accents. The ample storage space would be perfect for any profession.


This home office has a beautiful L shaped desk-allowing tons of space to work without feeling overwhelmed.


Hanging various meaningful pictures in your office can add welcoming ambiance to your office, a reminder of the home or vacay that you want to get back to.


This office is total glam! From the lighting, rug to the desk and chair, this is a beautifully put together office that is chic and all glam!


If you aren’t looking to do to much in the accessory department or rug area you can decide to make your wall paint your statement piece.


The Obama’s Home Tour

June 14, 2018

Since the love for the Obama’s never ends, I will be giving you a look into former president Barack Obama and his family’s DC home. They settled on a $8.1 million Tudor style home that contains 9 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms and an expansive formal gardens, just to name a few of the homes perks.



The Kalorama neighborhood is historically known as home for politicians and diplomats. Barack and Michelle Obama plan to live on Belmont Road NW while their daughter Sasha finishes high school.




The home includes beautiful marble floors the moment you step into the home.


The home features two kitchens!


This is one of many sitting rooms within the home where the family is able to kick back and relax.


The Kalorama home has multiple living spaces and three fireplaces. This cozy space is ideal for entertaining. Featured in this sitting room are stunning floor-to-ceiling windows that give a beautiful view of the backyard. We love the use of subtle greys &earthy tones that make this home feel airy and inviting.


After months of renting this single-family home, the Obamas purchased it for $8.1 million last year in the month of May. Bill Clinton’s Rress Secretary Joe Lockhart and his wife, Giovanna Gray Lockhart previously owned this home. The home was constructed in the 1920s and renovated and expanded in 2011. With 8,200 square feet of space, the listing offers a fully finished lower level, expansive backyard, and a gated courtyard with enough space for up to 10 cars. Happy Home Anniversary to the Obama family on owning this breathtaking home!


Crushing on Kourtney Kardashian’s Home

May 25, 2018

In honor of Kourtney Kardasian’s 39th birthday we will be highlighting various unique pieces from her $7.4 Million Calabasas Mansion. Kourtney describes her style as “Chic, but Practical.”



Kourtney Kardashian is a fan of black and white photography making this Ruven Afanador piece perfect for her aesthetic.




James De Wulf created this table for Kourtney out of concrete. We love how the split adds flavor to an otherwise ordinary table.



Although this is not the exact sconce from Kourtney’s home, this is most similar to her style choice. This is a onyx sconce with an iron frame, and provides for eclectic lighting.


Featured in Kourtney’s home is this stool made of natural skin.

Featured throughout her home is also limestone flooring.

This “museum worthy” chair and ottoman as Kourtney describes is a Oscar Niemeyer chair.

A Damien Hurst diamond dust skull print was used as a decorative piece in Kourtney’s living room.

One of Kourtney’s seating choices were a set of 4 Jean Prouve chairs.


A styling choice for Kourtney was also to have Wool curtains throughout her home.


Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

One of my personal faves from Kourtney’s living room is the Sculptural lamp from Abate completely defining Kourtneys aesthetic of Chic, but practical. We love Kourtney’s design choices and think she should take on interior design. She is truly gifted.

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Decluttering for the Mind and Soul

January 31, 2018

They say art imitates life. Well, that is true in the life of home design. It is obvious that the style of your home reflects your personality, but it is equally true that the condition of your home is often in line with your mind and soul.

If you’re anything like me, I can tell how well I have a handle of everything in my life by how my car and home look. When I am organized with my thoughts and endless list of things to do, my home and car are clean, clear and uncluttered. However, when I am simply running from one thing to the other, my home reflects the same chaos. That is when a time-out and reset are needed to clear things up! Decluttering your home is a good exercise to declutter your mind. It gives you a more organized and efficient boost to the never ending hustle of life. Here are a few steps sure to help you get your home in shape!

  • The first step to organizing your home is to decipher what you want to stay and what you want to go. This applies to all rooms in your home. You can donate some items, sell them or revamp them. Whatever you see fit.
  • Once you’ve figured out the things you want to stay you decide whether it is needed for your everyday life or if it can be stored somewhere like the basement or attic.
  • The next step is deciding if you want visible storage of the things you are deciding to keep or if you want it hidden, but accessible.

  • Junk Mail: A tedious task to get under control is junk mail! Making sure that you recycle all the paper that is no longer of use and getting rid of that catalog pileup. For better control, there is the option to go green and stop receiving a few items through the mail.

  • Bedroom: A main focus in the bedroom is whether or not you need all those clothes and shoes you have taking up space in your closet and if they are needed, is there a more efficient way to fit them into the space you have? Are you sharing a closet with a spouse? Is there a more efficient way to get what both of you want out of your everyday closet?

Bedroom: A recommendation for the bedroom is to purchase bins or racks where you are able to put the shoes you use on the daily basis. That way they are out of the way when they are not needed, but still protected in the perfect storage manner.


  • Bathroom: Are all the products in your cabinets still of use? Is it time for them to be tossed out? Does everything in the bathroom belong in the bathroom? If not, can it be thrown away or placed in its proper place?

Bathroom: Items that are necessary for your everyday life and do not need to be seen can be put in cabinets making sure that you have a clear counter space.


  • Kitchen: are your counters cleared of clutter such as canned foods, mail, and dishes? Make sure to put everything in place and keep the kitchen as decluttered as possible. Also, consider cleaning out your fridge of expired items that are no longer edible. Consider using storage containers to make sure everything within your fridge is organized as well.

These are a few steps to ensuring that your home is mostly filled with items that are useful to your everyday needs. We get so wrapped up in our everyday lives that we do not notice the clutter we let into our homes that also have an effect on our mental space.

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The Ambiance of Your Home is Influenced By Your Color Choices

January 11, 2018

The Ambiance of Your Home is Influenced By Your Color Choices

Have you ever entered someone’s home and instantly felt relaxed? Or energized? Or happy? It’s important, when choosing colors for your home, that you first determine how you want to feel within your space.

Paint colors set the backdrop for the emotions we feel when we are at home. There are colors that make you feel quiet serenity, these colors often allow a space to feel more open and incorporate nature through the use of light and airy window fabrics, or none at all. Other colors evoke a cozy and inviting feel. Those two different tones are cool tones and warm tones.

Included in cool tones are the blues and green and also within this color palette you get the lavenders, emeralds, teals, silvers and grays to name a few. Applying these colors in the perfect space within your home can help give the illusion of a spacious home.

Cool toned spaces

The rooms below are given a spacious feel through the use of cool tones. Also, they all have a relaxing aura because you are not flooded with mixes of colors that clash.


Warm toned spaces

 A warm tone color scheme can be used anytime you want a home to feel more cozy and intimate. The colors within the warm tone palette are the reds, rusty oranges and vivacious yellows to name a few. Choosing warm tones to influence your rooms of choice can create the perfect amount of intimacy in a room. Warm tones can make a spacious room bring you a cozy embrace when using the colors strategically. These rooms use warm colors to set the tone of the spaces.


Whether using warm or cool tones – it’s important to consider your personality and how you plan to use the room when making your choices.


Understanding both warm and cool tones can give you an insight on how to collide them when designing your home. For example, you can design your home with the cool greys and the pop of yellow/orange from the warm tones. Have it where your home is balanced and does not have colors that are overwhelming to the ambiance of a room you are going for.



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Making a Statement With a Pop Of Color

December 20, 2017

Making a Statement With a Pop Of Color

Creating a colorful home can start right at your front door, before you even enter your domain! Let’s say you have a beautiful brick house and are looking for a way to enhance it, try adding a splash of color with a bold door, hanging potted plants, your doormat, or porch chairs! Color creates the energy that will set the tone for the feelings that your home evokes from your visitors.

      Image credit: Fabiana Noyalande


This beautiful brick home with this yellow door stands out and will add a little bit of sunshine on even the gloomiest day. If you do not wish to be flamboyant and choose to opt out from yellow your color choices are endless. You can also add a pop with the color red, turquoise blue, or even pink – if you choose to be so daring!

On the inside of your home you can add color in many different ways. Your choices are endless. Color can be added through furniture pieces, artwork and accessories or paint jobs. I will be listing a few ways to add colors to your home and I hope these help you spark your creative juices!



Pop of Color through a Paint Job


Image Credit:

This is a beautiful and subtle way to add some spice into your home. The use of this mellow yellow helps amplify the soft tones of the artwork and the chandelier. According to the color you use you can also add some balance to the color pallets of your home. This small touch of color is great for the person who tends to shy away from wall color, or be nervous about it. Using it on the inset or frames of doors, gives and unexpected jolt of color without overpowering the room.


Image Credit:

This is a cute and quirky way to add some hidden life into your kitchen. You get the look of the all white cabinets then get a pop of a gorgeous aqua when you open it to get your dishes daily.

Image Credit:

This contemporary kitchen is given a pop of color through the subtle yellows and the beautiful Ocean Blue backsplash making this kitchen extraordinary. This is a great alternative to tile.


Pop of Color Through Furniture


Image Credit:

The use of the red orange bar stools add balance to this kitchen because of the use of the red tones throughout the whole kitchen. The reds are used through the bar stools, plants, fruits and kitchen appliances.

Image Credit:

The picture above demonstrates how you can add many different pops of tones within the same space and not have it be overwhelming.

Image Credit:

The ottoman in the picture above sets the tone for the whole living room. It gives you a focal point, but also allows you to see the ambiance of the room as a whole. The gray, neutral and teal palette allows this living room to look sophisticated with the right amount of pop.

As you can see, color can be used in minimalistic ways – or on a large scale! It’s your choose….but when choosing, I hope you choose color!

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Affordable Ways to Redecorate Your Home This Season

December 5, 2017

Faux Brick Accent Wall

A brick wall is a beautiful aesthetic to add to your home because with the use of an exposed brick wall you change the color and texture of a wall. The color and texture can transform the tone of a room and give it a modern and cozy feel. An exposed brick wall requires you to expose the bricks behind the wall you wish to expose, but the problems that may arise is that the bricks are not looking the way you want them to. You may encounter that they are not in the shape you wished them to be and they may even not be the color you envisioned. Many problems may arise from exposing a brick wall, but with the use of a faux brick wallpaper you cut down on the mysteries lying behind the wall. The tools needed to complete the wallpaper are: sand paper, wallpaper primer, plastic paint tarp, tape measure, a pencil, scissors, paint roller tray, clear wallpaper glue, plastic wallpaper smoother and Brick Wallpaper.

Steps to Completion

  • You will begin by using sandpaper to smooth out the wall you will be using, then applying a coat of wallpaper primer. Make sure you set down the plastic tarp that way you prevent a mess on your floor.
  • Cut your wallpaper into vertical strips and make sure it is about 4inches longer than the wall’s height, once it is up you can trim the excess amount. Keep the vertical strips going and make sure the pattern is being aligned (you can secure the vertical strips with painter’s tape temporarily.)
  • Pour premixed clear wallpaper glue into the paint roller tray. With a small paint roller you will begin to apply quickly and evenly to the back of your wallpaper.
  • Apply the wallpaper in sections because this ensures that you have everything aligned. Make sure to apply one paper strip at a time and smooth it out from the center outward. If the wall is too tall make sure you do this step with a step -ladder and have someone help with the bottom half.
  • Once your first piece is up within 15 minutes you have to make sure you don’t have any bubbles or misplacement. If you do, you will with your wallpaper smoother push it towards the borders and continue until you have no more bubbles. You may also readjust within those 15 minutes the alignment of your wallpaper.
  • Wash off excess glue with a damp sponge and continue the previous steps for your following strips.
  • Finally, enjoy your beautiful brick wallpaper that will add a big transformation to your home!

Wall Mounted Artificial Succulent Terrariums

Regardless, of the seasons changing these artificial succulents are still trending. This is an inexpensive way of changing the ambiance of a room and adding a relaxing as well as a great visual for your everyday life. You can get this look for your home without having to splurge. Also, there is no limit to all the ways you can redecorate using these different types of succulents and design patterns for your mounted terrariums. To spice it up a bit you can also add decorative rocks to your own terrariums!

For this look you will need only four small supplies: Clear Wall Mounted Terrarium, Artificial Succulents, nails and a drill. Supplies vary on how many terrariums you will be using.

Steps to Completion

  • Choose an area of your home that you see fit for the terrarium. You can get creative with the location of your terrarium.
  • Search for a solid part of the wall you will be using to hang the amount of terrariums you choose to use.
  • Mark with a pencil where you will be drilling the holes for your terrariums.
  • By hand screw in the nail that will be used to hang the wall mount terrarium.
  • Hang terrarium on the nail you screwed in. You should now have your first terrarium hung up, but you can continue with as many terrariums you see fit for your style.

Make it Seasonal: You can make this terrarium Fall themed for the holidays by adding decorative pinecones inside the terrarium. You can spice it up a little bit more by spray-painting the pinecones copper or silver!

Round Glass Hanging Terrariums

These ceiling hanging glass terrariums are just as beautiful as the wall mounted terrariums and are equally inexpensive. You also have the option to opt out from hanging from the ceiling and can choose to hang it from a wall mounted coat rack if you already own one. For the ceiling hanging terrariums you will need: Round Glass Decorative Hanging Terrarium, Decorative River Pebbles, yarn/string, drill, s hook and a screw hook. Supplies vary on how many terrariums you will be using.

Steps to Completion

  • Choose an area of your home that you see fit for the terrarium. You can get creative with the location of your terrarium!
  • Search for solid wooden beams in your wall and mark with a pencil.
  • Take safety precautions and proceed to drill a hole into the ceiling in the area that you marked with pencil.
  • Insert the screw hook into the hole and screw it in by hand until it’s securely fastened to the ceiling.
  • Hang your yard/string from the ceiling hook and loop the S hook to the other end of the string where you will be hanging your terrarium.
  • Finally, hang your terrarium on the S hook and now you have terrariums ready to make your everyday life an earthy one.

Make it Seasonal: You can make this terrarium autumn themed for the holidays by adding decorative autumn scented pinecones inside the hanging terrarium. Giving your home a refreshing smell of autumn!



DIY Holiday Decor

SDV DÉCOR’s Take On A Harvest Table Featured on Good Morning Washington

November 21, 2017


On November 15, 2017 I had the pleasure of visiting Good Morning Washington on News Channel 8. I was brought on to inspire some viewers on how they can decorate their harvest table this year. Not only do I give options that are store bought, but I also provide options that you can create with your family. A harvest table is a nice way to add some festive décor to your holiday dinner! I will be sharing my inspiration, the process and the final product within this blog. Make sure to tag us @sdvdecor with your recreated harvest tables.



The Inspiration

These pictures below inspired my rustic yet glam harvest table. I loved the use of copper painting over white pumpkins. I was inspired to use copper and gold’s throughout my harvest table as well. With my harvest table, I also wanted to make sure I incorporated earthy tones bringing a bit of the outside inside to the harvest table.



The Process

I started my process with gathering my supplies for the DIY portion of my harvest table project. I purchased some acorns, paintbrushes, glitter sticks, spray paint, two lanterns, plastic pumpkins of various sizes, four succulents, faux moss and clear tacky glue. I gathered pinecones and started with the then because I wanted them to be glam! I decided to spray paint them metallic, copper, or white with some added gold glitter. My kids helped me add the glitter in the creases of the white acorns while I spray-painted the rest of the acorns and plastic pumpkins. I proceeded to add my preferred designs on the pumpkins by first stenciling with tacky glue then adding the glitter. Once I was done with the DIY portions of my project I began to set everything up. I made my table a mix of copper, gold, white and metallic with a mix of greenery. So, I made sure that wherever there was glam there was some green close behind. I placed the faux moss balls in the lantern before adding the acorns and I also added a succulent after setting up all the copper and white spray-painted pumpkins. I purchased two centerpieces that included the use of sticks and moss to hold up a candle beautifully. After setting up all my centerpieces I added two very tall wine glasses and classic white glassware. I finished my table off with a framed picture of a family member who we have lost, but have not forgotten.

The Final Product

Watch me on Good Morning Washington: Thanksgiving Harvest Table Set Up with Keisha Gilchrist of SDV Decor




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Leaves Falling, Autumn Trends Calling!

November 1, 2017


Not only is velvet making a comeback into your fall wardrobe this season, it is also making a comeback into your home. Whether it’s a velvet sofa, an accent chair or even an ottoman this velvet trend gives the pop everyone’s living room needs.


2. Wood Accent Wall or Ceiling

A wood accent piece whether it is a wall or a ceiling can bring a cozy and rustic feel to your home this season. An accent piece can be added in great depth as shown in the picture of the kitchen or can make just as big a statement if used for the wall of a small sitting area. I wood (haha) not miss out on this opportunity to make your home the new thing to talk about this holiday season.


3. Plants, Succulents and LIFE

Even though the leaves are falling outside don’t miss out on adding some life to your home. This trend is a beautiful way to add some pop of life and color to your home. This is one of the most affordable ways to redecorate your home because there is the option to opt out of real plants and buy artificial ones that need no maintenance. You can incorporate this trend to almost any room in your home. These plants can be used as small coffee table centerpieces, wall decor or can be added to big flower parts to decorate your home’s entrance!


4. Monochrome

This monochrome trend is perfect for my modern or contemporary folks that favor simplicity. This is a fine way to make a space look luxurious yet simple at the same time. If you want to bend the rules you can incorporate trend #3 which includes the use of plants to add a pop of color to your home.


5. Lilac replaces Blush this season

This trend is the replacement of a subtle pink into a subtle lilac that adds a new pop to any room. This lilac color can be used in many ways, whether it is through a new paint job, adding accent furniture pieces or even adding new tiles to that bathroom you’ve been dying to change out. This trend is a nice way to make a big statement using a color that is not too excessive.

Good Reads

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

August 23, 2017

Small Great Things

I actually read this awesome book last month but recent events brought this book back to mind, for not-so-awesome reasons.  Small Great Things, is an introspective read but more importantly, it confirms or gives insight to other’s points of view regarding race.  While certain voices present in this novel were no surprise, reading through views that differ greatly from my own, proved to be the only challenge with this easy, quick read.  While watching the coverage of the events in Charlotte, Virginia this past weekend, I couldn’t help but think about the characters in this novel. In my mind, the characters in this book were real, alive, and holding torches on the University of Virginia campus.

This novel also revolved around an African American woman whose thoughts and feelings reminded me of my own, even toward others that are actually on my side.  It reminded me of a recent quote from George W. Bush, “too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples – while judging ourselves by our best intentions.”   I find this to be true of the characters in this novel and the real life characters we encounter daily – including ourselves.

If you are looking for a great, fast paced read, I highly recommend this book.  You might as well have your friends or book club read it with you because you’ll definitely want someone to discuss it with!

Enjoy and please share your thoughts!

All About Design DIY Holiday Decor

Spring DIY Centerpieces – What Would Beyonce Do?

April 14, 2017

Many of you caught our segment on Good Morning Washington today and we thank you so much for the support and feedback!  Our segment was on simple, DIY centerpieces and projects that can be created with items you may already have at home.   Here is a quick tutorial on how to make our featured items!


Hanging Around

(Photo credit:






Hot glue gun




  1. Crack just the top of the egg and make a hole.
  2. Discard the insides.
  3. Cut 5ft of ribbon.
  4. Hot glue ribbon around egg.
  5. Cut and insert flower into the egg
  6. Hang at the top of the window.



What’s up Dock


















Foam board




  1. Cut carrots to fit height of vase.
  2. Cut a square block of foam board and place in middle of vase, leaving about ¾ of an inch between the foam board and glass.
  3. Place carrots around the foam board (in the space in between the board and glass).
  4. Cut and place flowers in the middle of the vase.
  5. Add water.



What Would Beyonce Do?


Small vase

Larger Vase





  1. Slice lemons about an ½ inch per slice.
  2. Place the smaller vase inside the larger vase.
  3. Put the lemon slices in the small space in between the two vases.
  4. Place flowers in middle/smaller vase.
  5. Add water.
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5 Spring Trends for Interior Design

April 12, 2017

It looks like spring is finally here to stay!  As we sit here with our fingers crossed hoping we’ve worn our winter coats, boots and sweaters for the last time this season, we look forward to the promise of spring!  As you begin to swap out clothes in your closets and take on the “out with the old, in with the new” mantra, consider these interior design trends that are sure to refresh your home just in time for spring!

  1. Green


Green is back!  All shades are making a strong comeback this season, from lime to emerald.  There are different ways to incorporate this strong color.  You can switch to green accent walls, or swap out old furniture for this color de jour.  If you are not a fan of the green family, consider just a few accents items like, plants, glasses or accent chairs.


  1. Marble and Brass


One trend that will remain is the combination of marble and brass!  This is a popular look for kitchens and baths.  Many credit the neutral and clean feel of the marble with the hard and glamorous feel of brass.  No matter the reason, this stunning combination is a winner.  The simple beauty of it works well with many pops of colors or other elements of interior design.


  1. 50 Shades of Gray


Another returning trend form 2016 is the use of grays.  Like green, this color trend works in any hue of gray.  However, since this is a softer color, it works in combination with many other pops of color from bold reds to soft pinks, and of course white.


  1. Texture


Texture is always in for me!  It can turn almost flat room into a 3D masterpiece!  Take the above photo for example.  A plain cotton sofa can make a room blah and boring, but a large textured picture can really make the room pop and come alive!


  1. Unique Lighting

(Lighting by Emporium Home)

Quirky lighting options are my favorite finds for spring trends.  I have the light pictured above in my formal dining room and it is always a great conversation piece.  Lighting options are a fantastic place to take risks.  In addition to hanging fixtures, consider funky table or bedside lamps to add to the beauty of the room.

Adulting Good Reads

Year of Yes – Book Review!

March 12, 2017

Like many of you and millions of other viewers, I am a huge fan of Shonda Land!  For those of you who don’t know, Shonda Land is the name given to the string of television shows on ABC on Thursday nights, all produced by Shonda Rhimes.  It started with “Grey’s Anatomy” and now includes “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.”

If you are a fan of her work, you may have noticed how much more visible she has become lately.  While reading her book, I discovered that her creative mind is much like mine.   We both prefer to create the environment and stay behind the scenes – shying away from recognition or accolades.  I’ve challenged myself to come from behind the curtain, hence the birth of this blog.  This book details how Shonda challenged herself to come out of her shell, with a year of saying “yes!”  This book makes you laugh and even get a little teary-eyed, as you discover that no matter how successful someone is – we all have struggles and challenges to overcome. It is our weaknesses and our vulnerabilities that unite us as humans.

This book was a wonderful read of her personal journey through a year of change.  Not only did she say “yes” to more public speaking opportunities, but most importantly, she started saying “yes” to herself in different ways.  This book will not only give you the insight into the changes she embraced, but it will make you consider ways you can begin to say “yes” to YOU!  And most importantly, you will find yourself forgiving yourself for your inequities. Not a perfect mom? It’s OK. Shonda even dispels the myth here of “You can have it all” – you will have to read up to find out why she disagrees with that mantra. I can’t give the WHOLE book away (smile).

Please pick up this great read and don’t put it down without a list of ways you can start to say “YES!”

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8 Home Offices That Motivate You To Actually Work!

December 19, 2016

If you are anything like me, you’ve created a beautiful home office only to end up working on the couch or kitchen table, or on the run.  I even redecorated my home office lately, thinking that would motivate me to actually sit in my new beautiful chairs and use my super glam, over the top office accessories.  Truthfully, those accessories are a must in my book either way, but here are a few offices too beautiful not to work in!

1-Black and white rooms with a pop of color always give off such an elegant look!


Photo Source:


2-Adding texture and patterns, along with color, also help black and white rooms pop!

Photo Source:


3-Glitz, glam, patterns and sparkle really make this office shine!

Photo Source:


4-Beautiful, bright book shelves are a great twist on home office décor!

Photo Source:


5-This custom wall unit, light airy feel and clean lines create a peaceful work space!

Photo Source:


6-The two-story, beautiful shelving really makes this room stand out! How awesome!

Photo Source: Elle Décor


7-This dark and sleek style leaves a sexy and sophisticated impression!

Photo Source:


8-This Italian style office is a statement office with its clean lines modern look!

Photo source:


If you are thinking about upgrading your home office, consider fabulous art, rugs, pops of color and lighting such as chandeliers and other special lighting options!  You also want to be sure to measure your desk to ensure any desk chairs you order fit properly under that desk.  For some other design tips, see our other blogs!

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Designer Don’ts

December 19, 2016

In life you will experience a lot of trial an error. Much like interior decorating, certain things are instilled in you and some you discover as you go. I am here to guide you through a few simple mishaps that often occur in the decorating world. This is not limited to professional interior decorators but those who often dab in a few household “DYI’s”. Hopefully these tips can save you from a little house trouble and add to your sense of design.


  • DON’T go overboard!! Just because you can doesn’t mean you should! At times, less is more and you will realize this as you progress in this industry. Try to stay away from over crowding your area with different patterns, furniture and knick knacks, which leads me to my next tip…


  • DON’T be too matchy!! You don’t have to always match colors, patterns and furniture but you can relate them. Stay away from coordinating sets, try to incorporate pieces that you love and would want to live with.


  • DON’T use white décor if you have kids or pets. As pure and beautiful as these pieces may be they can and will always be the hardest possessions to keep clean. If you do decide to have a few white pieces be sure to keep them in areas that are rarely used by the kids and have a “Do Not Enter Sign”. No but seriously be very mindful of how useful you want the décor to be.


  • DON’T push furniture against the wall you want to leave a little breathing room so the room will not look uninviting. You want to have the area relaxed and comfortable enough for people to want to converse with others. If the seating is too far away from each other you make it difficult for people to be attentive to one another.


  • DON’T ignore scale! Be sure to measure properly. Some furniture pieces may look like they fit but when it arrives can be a totally different story.


  • DON’T isolate rooms! There should be a flow from room to room so try to connect an accent color or pattern throughout the household.


  • DON’T skimp on drapery! Window treatments are very important and drapery panels frame your view. Lining and interlining protects your furniture, fabric and finishes from diminishing and is worth the extra cost.


  • DON’T sacrifice lighting. Lighting is very important to your area and can affect how the colors are portrayed. Be sure to use dimmers, table, and floor lights to enhance your room. This is an important part of your budget as well.  You don’t want to cut corners and be cheap when it comes to your lighting.

Those are a few guidelines that will be extremely helpful when decorating your home. Be aware of seasonal changes with designs but always keep these tips in your head as you or someone else takes the time and MONEY to decorate. This advice is very simple and can take you a long way in the interior design industry.

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December 12, 2016

Wallpaper is commonly used to provide texture and depth to a living space, often providing a higher level of interest than traditional paint.  However, there are many other creative uses for wallpaper. Here are ten of my favorite ways to use wallpaper.


  1. PROVIDE A BACKGROUND TO YOUR PHOTOS – You can cover any frame matte with wallpaper, adding instant interest. The wallpaper provides the backdrop to your photo, so be sure to choose complementing shades and patterns.



Photo Source: Keisha Gilchrist, SDV Décor, Designer’s Own Work


  1. LIVEN UP YOUR LAMPSHADE – If you have a boring lampshade that needs a level of “pop”, wallpaper is a quick and easy fix. Simply measure and adhere the wallpaper to your existing shade and you have an instant patterned look that is sure to wow your guests!



Photo Source:


  1. GIVE YOUR GLASS TABLE A BOOST – If your heart is set on replacing your glass table, try adding wallpaper under the glass top before you invest in an entirely new piece of furniture. The pattern you select will change the look and feel of your existing table and save you money!



Photo Source:


  1. MAKE HOUSEHOLD CHORES MORE INTERESTING – It’s no secret that most of us don’t enjoy household chores, but opening your kitchen drawers and finding a burst of color may help you weed through the task at hand!


Photo source:


  1. MAKE YOUR STAIRS A CONVERSATION PIECE – Line the risers of your stairs with a boldly-patterned wallpaper, and you will have a topic to talk about all night with your guests!



Photo Source:


  1. FORFEIT YOUR BACKSPLASH – Get creative in your kitchen, and forfeit your backsplash for wallpaper.



Photo Source: Better Homes and Gardens


  1. REV UP YOUR RETAIL SPACE – Who says that retail calls for only clean lines and sleek spaces? If you want to step outside of the box, you can line the walls behind your display shelves with wallpaper.



Photo Source: Interiors by Heather Scott Home and Design


  1. CREATE A FAUX HEADBOARD – Can’t commit to a bedroom furniture set or style? Create a wallpapered headboard for a quick and temporary (or not!) fix.


Photo Source:

  1. DECORATE YOUR BOOKS – Want to display books? Cover them with wallpaper and they will match the décor in your room.



Photo Source:


  1. MAKE SOME WALL ART – If your space calls for artwork that is bigger than what you can find, create your own artwork with wallpaper. The sky will be the limit for your size requirements, and simple trim can provide a more finished look to your project.


Photo Source:

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The National Museum of African American History and Culture

October 1, 2016

First of all I must thank my dear friend for the heads up on the opportunity to order tickets to this awesome museum.  I must also pat myself on the back for not putting it off until after the business day, because I surely would have missed out!  Secondly, if you haven’t had the opportunity to donate to the museum you can do so on their website (!  Now, allow me to jump into the beauty that is The National Museum of African American History and Culture!  Initially, it escaped me how huge and awesome it is to finally have this museum built and on The National Mall.  Like many other people in the Washington DC area, I take the history, art and sometimes the power for granted.  Let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for kids and field trips, the power and history of these buildings would be landmarks for directions like “turn left at The Monument,” rather than the National Landmarks they are.


This museum was a little different for me.  I felt a connection to it and while some people preferred to wait until the excitement died down, I just couldn’t!  Here are a few tips for those planning to visit:


  1. Be patient – All of the tickets from now through December have been booked.  If you are one of those people that “knows somebody” you better get to calling them now!  An attendant at the museum also said they give a number of tickets away every morning at 9:15.  I say call and verify before making that trip. It is definitely worth a try.  Otherwise, just pay attention to the dates for 2017 tickets going on sale, or just wait.  As was stated during the Opening Ceremonies, “from now on, as long as there is an United States of America, there will be The National Museum  of African American History and Culture.”


If you do have tickets, still be patient.  The museum will be filled with people just as excited as you.  Be prepared for a crowd and look out for people around you.  There are a lot of elderly people and generations of families attending together.  A lot of these elders made their own marks on our history and deserve our patience and respect as they inch along the exhibit halls.


  1. Be prepared – You will enter on the main floor but there are three floors below you and three floors above, so it should go without saying that you need to wearing your walking shoes.  Also, due to the crowds and abundance of information, you either need top plan more than one trip or block off the majority of your day.  It took us about an hour per floor and we didn’t get to the very top floor.


*Helpful Hint*:  Schedule your visit for the latest time possible.  The doors close at 5:15 and once that happens the crowd starts to thin out and you can work your way around much faster.  There were lines for a few parts of the museum but we doubled back after 6:00 and had little to no wait.


  1. Food – The food court is broken down into regions with the south being the most popular.  The line will be long.  So go later, or eat before you come.  Also be prepared to spend $15-$22 per person on meals.  I had the buttermilk fried chicken (cheat day) and it was pretty good.  It won’t be like ya mommas but it is close enough!


I won’t go into detail about the exhibits or post pictures because I feel it is something you should experience for yourself and not through my lens.  It is truly something amazing and prideful about walking around that museum seeing reminders that anger us and triumphs that encourage us.  There is nothing like walking through the halls with your parents who can add personal accounts and stories as they relive the history as you walk.  Totally and completely awesome and I can’t wait to return!


Please visit the website( for more information!

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Currently Crushing – Real Housewives Edition

September 30, 2016

This blog started off detailing my top five favorite homes from the “Real Housewives” franchise on Bravo TV!  As I started noting pictures to use for the blog, I realized this would be the longest blog ever, and you’d probably never read that!  Instead I decided to highlight them one by one so we can truly appreciate them individually.  The first up is none other than Kim Z.  Although it is the home of an ex-Housewives star, her style definitely had a lasting impression.  Kim Z is from the early seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta where we watched her search for the perfect home.   Now, here’s a look at some of the rooms in her dream home. The cool, modern appeal of her living room speaks to us with its navy walls and white furniture. This room is clean and timeless as it exudes class and a modern style. However, while each of Kim Z room’s are interesting – there is no flow. I believe that a home should carry a color palette throughout each of the rooms. Kid’s rooms are the only exception because they should be able to express their own individuality. As you see, there is no rhyme or reason for the colors used in Kim’s home. Even the styles are mixed! The room we love (referenced above) is modern/transitional – and the other rooms are much more formal and traditional. It seems Kim K’s design style is as all over the place as her personality!


Housewives - Kim2 Housewives - Kim Housewives - Kim4 Housewives - Kim5 Housewives - Kim3 Housewives - Kim6


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Why I Can’t WAIT to be Hospitalized!

September 30, 2016


After visiting my doctor for a routine physical and bloodwork, I learned that my Iron and B12 levels were severely low. So much so, that he scheduled me to be hospitalized so that I can receive IV’s to replenish the levels. The process will take 8 hours he said, plan to stay overnight. Instead of being concerned about my health and running to Google to figure out just what was going on with my body, my heart started beating a bit faster – not from worry but from excitement. Hospital you say? As in A FULL NIGHT’S REST? Somebody ring the alarm!!! Wait – before you ring the alarm – Sign. Me. Up.

After I finished silently celebrating and was really able to digest what I was celebrating about – I quickly came crashing down. Am I really celebrating a hospital visit? What do I need to escape from so badly that I am willing to be prodded, eat crappy food, and sleep in a germ-infested bed? I mean sheesh… life is great, right? I have a roof over my head, I have a family that I adore, a great network of friends, I get to take a few vacations each year…..what more can I want? I want sleep, that’s what I want. I want a slice of quiet. I want the permission to rest. The hospital, to me – was a place where you can get all of that. If you say, “I’m in the hospital”, then that deadline can rationally get pushed. Those texts don’t have to be answered in a nano second. The husband will have to pack the lunches, and wipe the snot, and do the homework. The trainer will cut you some slack. There will be no guilt in catching up on your shows. You get my drift….right?

So, it’s not that I am really looking forward to a hospital visit – literally. I am looking forward to disconnecting. And the A-ha moment is that I don’t have to wait until my body screams “Help!” to disconnect. It’s really simple. It’s a choice. One that I will be making more often, and I hope you do the same.


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Here’s Why I’m a BAD MOM

July 31, 2016

I have to admit it. Sometimes, I go to Target just to sit in the parking lot….in silence. Then, after I convince myself to go into the store to tackle whatever  is on this weeks’ “need-it-right-now” list, I drive home and sit in my driveway. For as long as I can. Before I re-enter. Not bad enough? There’s more. I’ve forgotten school lunches, gone to piano lessons sans homework, and packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sent it to a nut-free school zone. My twins have swam without sun screen. My daughter has come home after swimming to a rinse-out – that’s me consciously deciding to shampoo her hair the next day. Hell, this morning – I let my son have pizza for breakfast! And, we eat LOTS OF TAKE OUT. I’m a BAD MOM. Correction: I am a BAD MOM who is doing the best I can, every damn day! Today, I saw the Bad Mom movie with my bestie and I could SO relate. It made me laugh, it made me tear up (I’m a punky girl), and most importantly – it made me realize that I’m not alone (so don’t YOU feel bad when your kid’s Halloween costume is not homemade this year!). See, we’re all really doing the best we can. And it’s not easy being a Mom. There’s no manual, no training, no test dummy. And the stress of knowing that some person’s life is literally in your hands – hey, that has Xanax written all over it! But, what do we do…..we keep pushing. We push as the kids bicker in the back seat to and from school. We push through endless after-school enrichment activities and birthday parties. We push through homework, and heartbreaks, and all of those tough conversations that we aren’t prepared for. My 6 year old daughter asked me tonight – “Who is Donald Trump? Is he going to kill Americans?” OMG.  We push through the loneliness of it all. Personally, I can’t tell you how grateful I was to have a quick salad with some girlfriends the other day. Motherhood is a job that I am never prepared for. It’s one I’m not qualified for. But, I was blessed enough to be appointed anyway (look at God!)!! So, go ahead and judge me. My kids are well-loved, and I keep them safe. They are kind, respectful and well-mannered. At the tender age of six, they know that I am their safety net and that I will serve in that role for as long as I am alive. They know that I love them unconditionally, and they know that I am proud of them and will support them in whatever walk of life they choose. So, I am going to keep loving my kids (and all kids) the best way that I know how. Their toothy smiles and unsolicited  “I love you’s” are proof that I’m doing OK. And in the end, if you think you are BAD MOM – it doesn’t mean that you are. It means that being the best mom you can be is on your level of consciousness. It means you care enough to keep trying to be better for your little ones, every single day. So try not to beat yourself up, Mom. You can’t mess them up THAT BAD.

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Combat Your Kid’s Crappy Behavior with These Wine Pairings

May 20, 2016

Calgon take me away!  An old commercial signaling the need for a mom to slip away for a moment of peace.  The same holds true today although some moms prefer to say “Chardonnay take me away!”  There are plenty of articles and information sources that will tell you which wine goes with your steak, seafood and dessert.  But, here are some wine pairings you can really use as we take a look as which wines pair with your kid’s behavior!

  1. Crappy Diaper and Riesling – I know an explosive diaper doesn’t smell so sweet.  A good Riesling can help with that.  Riesling has a sweet taste, and has a low acidity level.  That should cancel out the high acid smell and reset your beloved olfactories.


  1. Crappy Attitude – You’re not a cool mom and your preteen or teen has spent the whole car ride home reminding you?  After you’ve gotten them home and grounded them, get a little grounded yourself with a nice glass (or two) of a Sauvignon Blanc.  It has an earthy taste and fragrance to help bring you back to your senses.


  1. Crappy Day – Kids, career and husband clamoring, or shall I say yelling for your attention? Remind them all and yourself who the queen is with a nice glass (or bottle) of Cabernet Sauvignon.  It is considered the King, well now Queen, of red wines.  It is rich and powerful and will remind you of the royalty you are!
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Currently Crushing – Empire Edition

May 16, 2016

Empire State of Mind

As an occupational hazard, I look at sets and designs for my favorite shows.  I decided to highlight them as a way to combine the things I love.  With the finale of Empire airing this week, I decided to showcase this beautiful set first.  Empire is shot in the upscale Barrington community of Illinois.  Here are a few of the pictures from the set and actual home used to film this awesome series! Oh how I would love to take a look at the other homes in this beautiful area!




Lavish French Country Estate


Lavish French Country Estate

Lavish French Country Estate


Lavish French Country Estate


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Easy Ways to Upgrade your Bathroom

March 11, 2016

Bathrooms are the smaller rooms in the house and often are one of the last priorities when it comes to remodeling.  The bathroom is also a room you use daily and should look its best.  There are a few quick tricks you can use to upgrade your bathroom without any remodeling.


bathroom paint

Face Lift

Paint is the first and obvious change you can make.  Before you do so you want to inspect the bathroom and make sure it doesn’t need any real repairs for fallen tile, peeling paint from too much moisture, etc..  Bright colors make bathrooms look larger.  No matter what color you choose, just be sure to choose a water based primer.

bathroom lighting


The next step is to upgrade the lighting around your vanity.  Also consider replacing the ceiling light with a beautiful hanging light or even a chandelier if you’re in to that sort of thing.


bathroom hardware bathroom hardware 2


Next, upgrade the hardware like draw pulls, knobs and towel bars etc., as well as.  Before shopping, decide whether you want to go with a simple concept (left) or a more contemporary hardware (right).

You will then of course want to select accessories such as tooth brush holder and soap dish etc. to match you concept.  You can also consider placing the new shower rod higher than usual to give the bathroom a bigger feel.





I am big into storage and organization to any room.  A room looks its best when everything has a place and is in its space.  Consider adding towel bars and hang storage baskets or bins from them.  You can also look to adding shelving above the toilet which is usually unused space.

These tips should help you upgrade your bathroom in one weekend.  Before you begin be sure to throw out all old clutter and make sure your bathroom isn’t in need of any real repairs.  All it takes is a plan, a few bucks, a weekend and you can have your upgraded bathroom!



Meet Hot Toddy

March 4, 2016

I almost made it!  I almost made it through winter without a cold, a sneeze or anything!  Actually, I blame myself for having that thought last week, only to wake up this week with a sore throat and eventually the other cold accessories like stuffiness, coughing and a bad attitude.  I find colds so very annoying.  You feel sick enough to not be yourself, but not enough to have to shut life down for a few days.  I’m not much of a pill popper but I refuse to let a cold slow me down.


Of course my friends and family have given me their personal prescription to fight off the cold like apple cider vinegar, chicken soup, tea with honey, salt water, extra pillows, feed a cold etc.  My favorite and most promising cure came from an former client turned friend – a hot toddy!  I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but have you given it a try?  The whiskey acts as a decongestant and the tea, honey and lemon do the rest!  Speaking of rest, I am sure I could use a bit of that too and this toddy recipe aids in that department as well.  Please share your cold remedies or hot toddy recipes that are tried and true!


Mr. Hot Toddy

8oz Hot Water
1 Bag Herbal Tea
1oz Bourbon
1 Tablespoon Honey
1 Lemon Wedge


Pour hot water into mug and steep tea for 2-3 minutes. Remove tea bag and add honey, stirring to dissolve. Pour in whiskey, add squeeze of lemon, stir and find relief.

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Girlfriend’s Guide to Picking Paint Finishes

February 5, 2016

One of girlfriends wants to redo her bedroom.  Naturally she calls me, we grab brunch or dinner and fawn over ideas, furniture and paint.  She shows me her top three color swatches for paint.  We narrow it down to one.  The next day she calls from Home Depot with the one question I get over and over again, “what kind of finish do I get?”  I can’t tell you how many times that scenario has played out in different ways with family and friends.  But I love them and I love giving my two cents about anything design related!  I give them the quick answer and usually send them a quick guide to reference in the future.  Here’s an example of the finish rules most designers and painters go by.



I am sure you can remember these paint finish rules, but for those of us who are visual, here is an example of what the different finishes actually look like.


paint finish


I hope it will be as helpful to you as it has to my girlfriends!

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Welcome Back Barbie or Too Little Too Late?

January 29, 2016


As you may have heard by now, our old friend Barbie got a makeover.  Yes that is correct,  Barbie’s got back ladies!  Just like you and I and more importantly, our daughters.  Dolls help our children develop early definitions of beauty.  That is why many African American women like myself have purposely purchased dolls of color for our kids.   Many doll companies have gotten with the times and created a myriad of options with different color and ethnic backgrounds.   Thankfully Mattel has saw fit to not only address our different colors, but it decided to embrace our bodies.  Our real, curvy, short, tall and still beautiful bodies.


I got into a discussion with a few women.  Some of which thought it was wonderful and planned to show their support in purchasing the new Barbies as soon as possible.  However some felt it was a little too late and had no real urge to give the Barbie empire another try.  One thing we all could agree on is that this was an awesome time for a teaching moment.  A fantastic time to have another conversation with our daughters about beauty standards, body image and self-love.


What about you?  Are you all in for the new Barbie?  Have you found other dolls with differing images of beauty?  If so, please share!Barbie5

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5 Cleanses for the New Year

January 11, 2016

It’s January.  The gyms are full people working hard to lose weight.  Some just fell off track for the holidays while others, haven’t been on track since well – last January.   This year I didn’t do too bad with exercising, but I surely realized there was some weight I could stand to lose and the culprit wasn’t just diet related. 2016 had me researching different cleanses to cleanse my spirit and sense of function – I will tackle the diet next!  I found several cleanses that freed up not only phsyical, but mental space.  Here are five cleanses that peaked my interest:


  1.  The Facebook Cleanse.   The next time you’re on Facebook or social media clean up your friend list.  That includes deleting those who only bring negativity or unwelcomed ignorance to your timeline.  Those who do not wish you well and just want to be nosey.  Or you can simply “unfollow” people who flood your timeline with foolishness.  That way you can still visit their page when you want to check in, but have the pleasure of seeing less and less of them in your timeline.


  1.  The Purse Cleanse.  This includes the wallet.  Receipts,  old business cards, empty lipstick or whatever occupies valuable space in your purse needs to be dumped or put in it’s rightful place.  Also consider getting rid of old purses you do not use.  Either donate them to a women’s shelters or fill them with toiletries and hand them out to the next few homeless women you see.


  1.  The Closet Cleanse.  This is the same as the purse cleanse only on a much larger scale and can really become a grand project.   De-clutter your closet.  Take out all of the old clothes you KNOW you’ll never fit again or simply no longer wear.  If you have quality clothes you don’t want to give to chairty or a shelter, consider a Swap Party with other women of similar taste.  It is great way to get rid of a few old items and perhaps pick up a few new ones.  Whatever isn’t swapped can be sold to a consignment shop, or donated to women in shelters.


  1.  The Single Sock Cleanse.   I will add the Tupper ware cleanse to this as well.  We all have socks with no matches.  We hold on thinking the mate will show up eventually.   It hasn’t.   Let it go and throw them away.  The same can be said for tupperware.  You somehow have plenty of lids but no bottoms.  Or is that just me?


  1.  The Electronic Storage Cleanse.  Empty you phone, laptops, tablets and computers or wasted storage.   You don’t need ALL selfies, gym pics or downloads taking up space.  You also don’t need all those numbers in your phone.  Make some room for you new friends and new business connections.  I also suggest deleting all old emails.  Well, keep the ones you may need at “exhibit A” in a future argument, but there are definitely useless emails in you inbox.  Speaking of emails, try “unsubscribing” from all the unwanted ones.  Don’t just delete them. Keep them from coming back!


These cleanses are easy ways to lose the dead weight of yesteryear and make more room for the blessings of 2016!