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5 Cleanses for the New Year

January 11, 2016

It’s January.  The gyms are full people working hard to lose weight.  Some just fell off track for the holidays while others, haven’t been on track since well – last January.   This year I didn’t do too bad with exercising, but I surely realized there was some weight I could stand to lose and the culprit wasn’t just diet related. 2016 had me researching different cleanses to cleanse my spirit and sense of function – I will tackle the diet next!  I found several cleanses that freed up not only phsyical, but mental space.  Here are five cleanses that peaked my interest:


  1.  The Facebook Cleanse.   The next time you’re on Facebook or social media clean up your friend list.  That includes deleting those who only bring negativity or unwelcomed ignorance to your timeline.  Those who do not wish you well and just want to be nosey.  Or you can simply “unfollow” people who flood your timeline with foolishness.  That way you can still visit their page when you want to check in, but have the pleasure of seeing less and less of them in your timeline.


  1.  The Purse Cleanse.  This includes the wallet.  Receipts,  old business cards, empty lipstick or whatever occupies valuable space in your purse needs to be dumped or put in it’s rightful place.  Also consider getting rid of old purses you do not use.  Either donate them to a women’s shelters or fill them with toiletries and hand them out to the next few homeless women you see.


  1.  The Closet Cleanse.  This is the same as the purse cleanse only on a much larger scale and can really become a grand project.   De-clutter your closet.  Take out all of the old clothes you KNOW you’ll never fit again or simply no longer wear.  If you have quality clothes you don’t want to give to chairty or a shelter, consider a Swap Party with other women of similar taste.  It is great way to get rid of a few old items and perhaps pick up a few new ones.  Whatever isn’t swapped can be sold to a consignment shop, or donated to women in shelters.


  1.  The Single Sock Cleanse.   I will add the Tupper ware cleanse to this as well.  We all have socks with no matches.  We hold on thinking the mate will show up eventually.   It hasn’t.   Let it go and throw them away.  The same can be said for tupperware.  You somehow have plenty of lids but no bottoms.  Or is that just me?


  1.  The Electronic Storage Cleanse.  Empty you phone, laptops, tablets and computers or wasted storage.   You don’t need ALL selfies, gym pics or downloads taking up space.  You also don’t need all those numbers in your phone.  Make some room for you new friends and new business connections.  I also suggest deleting all old emails.  Well, keep the ones you may need at “exhibit A” in a future argument, but there are definitely useless emails in you inbox.  Speaking of emails, try “unsubscribing” from all the unwanted ones.  Don’t just delete them. Keep them from coming back!


These cleanses are easy ways to lose the dead weight of yesteryear and make more room for the blessings of 2016!

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