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December 12, 2016

Wallpaper is commonly used to provide texture and depth to a living space, often providing a higher level of interest than traditional paint.  However, there are many other creative uses for wallpaper. Here are ten of my favorite ways to use wallpaper.


  1. PROVIDE A BACKGROUND TO YOUR PHOTOS – You can cover any frame matte with wallpaper, adding instant interest. The wallpaper provides the backdrop to your photo, so be sure to choose complementing shades and patterns.



Photo Source: Keisha Gilchrist, SDV Décor, Designer’s Own Work


  1. LIVEN UP YOUR LAMPSHADE – If you have a boring lampshade that needs a level of “pop”, wallpaper is a quick and easy fix. Simply measure and adhere the wallpaper to your existing shade and you have an instant patterned look that is sure to wow your guests!



Photo Source:


  1. GIVE YOUR GLASS TABLE A BOOST – If your heart is set on replacing your glass table, try adding wallpaper under the glass top before you invest in an entirely new piece of furniture. The pattern you select will change the look and feel of your existing table and save you money!



Photo Source:


  1. MAKE HOUSEHOLD CHORES MORE INTERESTING – It’s no secret that most of us don’t enjoy household chores, but opening your kitchen drawers and finding a burst of color may help you weed through the task at hand!


Photo source:


  1. MAKE YOUR STAIRS A CONVERSATION PIECE – Line the risers of your stairs with a boldly-patterned wallpaper, and you will have a topic to talk about all night with your guests!



Photo Source:


  1. FORFEIT YOUR BACKSPLASH – Get creative in your kitchen, and forfeit your backsplash for wallpaper.



Photo Source: Better Homes and Gardens


  1. REV UP YOUR RETAIL SPACE – Who says that retail calls for only clean lines and sleek spaces? If you want to step outside of the box, you can line the walls behind your display shelves with wallpaper.



Photo Source: Interiors by Heather Scott Home and Design


  1. CREATE A FAUX HEADBOARD – Can’t commit to a bedroom furniture set or style? Create a wallpapered headboard for a quick and temporary (or not!) fix.


Photo Source:

  1. DECORATE YOUR BOOKS – Want to display books? Cover them with wallpaper and they will match the décor in your room.



Photo Source:


  1. MAKE SOME WALL ART – If your space calls for artwork that is bigger than what you can find, create your own artwork with wallpaper. The sky will be the limit for your size requirements, and simple trim can provide a more finished look to your project.


Photo Source:

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