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Accent Chairs for Every Budget

June 17, 2015

Much like any outfit, the perfect accessories can really take your look to the next level. The same is true for accessories in your home. Sometimes we concentrate on the large pieces, throw a few pictures on the wall and call it a day. There is so much more beauty available to your room and a lot of it can be accomplished by picking up modest to medium priced items here and there. One great addition to any room is a fantastic accent chair or two. Here are some great chairs and websites where you can find similar looks for almost any budget!

Accent Chairs $200 and Under

target 84
This style chair and others like it can be found on It is currently on clearance for $84.00. Target has a great range of accent chairs from as low as $81.00-$169.00. They are definitely worth checking out! Home Goods, TJMaxx and Marshalls are also great places to find fantastic chairs and accessories for under $200.

Chairs $200-$400

 Houzz 269.99                                                                                         Joss & Main 283.54

Can be found on for $269                                 Can be found on for $283.54

world market 3.29                                                                                                 Wayfair 353.99

Can be found on or $329                                        Can be found on for $354

Chairs Over $500

                  Wayfair 650                                                                     Houzz 685

Can be found on for $650                             Can be found on for $685



               Houzz 739                                                                 wayfair 877.80


Can be found on for $739                              Can be found on for $877

Chairs Over $1000      

 wayfair 1499.99                                                                                         Homeslick 1516

Can be found on for $1,500                                    Can be found on for $1,516

         wayfair 1998                                                                                 Houzz 2497.5

Can be found on for $1,998                                       Can be found on for $2,500

The beauty is in the details and in the accessories of any room. The right pieces take your room to the next level. If you didn’t see the exact chair to your taste here, still visit these sites or perhaps some sites you find on your own. Either way make a promise to yourself and your room to start to build it up with accessories, like these beautiful accent chairs for any budget!

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