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Affordable Ways to Redecorate Your Home This Season

December 5, 2017

Faux Brick Accent Wall

A brick wall is a beautiful aesthetic to add to your home because with the use of an exposed brick wall you change the color and texture of a wall. The color and texture can transform the tone of a room and give it a modern and cozy feel. An exposed brick wall requires you to expose the bricks behind the wall you wish to expose, but the problems that may arise is that the bricks are not looking the way you want them to. You may encounter that they are not in the shape you wished them to be and they may even not be the color you envisioned. Many problems may arise from exposing a brick wall, but with the use of a faux brick wallpaper you cut down on the mysteries lying behind the wall. The tools needed to complete the wallpaper are: sand paper, wallpaper primer, plastic paint tarp, tape measure, a pencil, scissors, paint roller tray, clear wallpaper glue, plastic wallpaper smoother and Brick Wallpaper.

Steps to Completion

  • You will begin by using sandpaper to smooth out the wall you will be using, then applying a coat of wallpaper primer. Make sure you set down the plastic tarp that way you prevent a mess on your floor.
  • Cut your wallpaper into vertical strips and make sure it is about 4inches longer than the wall’s height, once it is up you can trim the excess amount. Keep the vertical strips going and make sure the pattern is being aligned (you can secure the vertical strips with painter’s tape temporarily.)
  • Pour premixed clear wallpaper glue into the paint roller tray. With a small paint roller you will begin to apply quickly and evenly to the back of your wallpaper.
  • Apply the wallpaper in sections because this ensures that you have everything aligned. Make sure to apply one paper strip at a time and smooth it out from the center outward. If the wall is too tall make sure you do this step with a step -ladder and have someone help with the bottom half.
  • Once your first piece is up within 15 minutes you have to make sure you don’t have any bubbles or misplacement. If you do, you will with your wallpaper smoother push it towards the borders and continue until you have no more bubbles. You may also readjust within those 15 minutes the alignment of your wallpaper.
  • Wash off excess glue with a damp sponge and continue the previous steps for your following strips.
  • Finally, enjoy your beautiful brick wallpaper that will add a big transformation to your home!

Wall Mounted Artificial Succulent Terrariums

Regardless, of the seasons changing these artificial succulents are still trending. This is an inexpensive way of changing the ambiance of a room and adding a relaxing as well as a great visual for your everyday life. You can get this look for your home without having to splurge. Also, there is no limit to all the ways you can redecorate using these different types of succulents and design patterns for your mounted terrariums. To spice it up a bit you can also add decorative rocks to your own terrariums!

For this look you will need only four small supplies: Clear Wall Mounted Terrarium, Artificial Succulents, nails and a drill. Supplies vary on how many terrariums you will be using.

Steps to Completion

  • Choose an area of your home that you see fit for the terrarium. You can get creative with the location of your terrarium.
  • Search for a solid part of the wall you will be using to hang the amount of terrariums you choose to use.
  • Mark with a pencil where you will be drilling the holes for your terrariums.
  • By hand screw in the nail that will be used to hang the wall mount terrarium.
  • Hang terrarium on the nail you screwed in. You should now have your first terrarium hung up, but you can continue with as many terrariums you see fit for your style.

Make it Seasonal: You can make this terrarium Fall themed for the holidays by adding decorative pinecones inside the terrarium. You can spice it up a little bit more by spray-painting the pinecones copper or silver!

Round Glass Hanging Terrariums

These ceiling hanging glass terrariums are just as beautiful as the wall mounted terrariums and are equally inexpensive. You also have the option to opt out from hanging from the ceiling and can choose to hang it from a wall mounted coat rack if you already own one. For the ceiling hanging terrariums you will need: Round Glass Decorative Hanging Terrarium, Decorative River Pebbles, yarn/string, drill, s hook and a screw hook. Supplies vary on how many terrariums you will be using.

Steps to Completion

  • Choose an area of your home that you see fit for the terrarium. You can get creative with the location of your terrarium!
  • Search for solid wooden beams in your wall and mark with a pencil.
  • Take safety precautions and proceed to drill a hole into the ceiling in the area that you marked with pencil.
  • Insert the screw hook into the hole and screw it in by hand until it’s securely fastened to the ceiling.
  • Hang your yard/string from the ceiling hook and loop the S hook to the other end of the string where you will be hanging your terrarium.
  • Finally, hang your terrarium on the S hook and now you have terrariums ready to make your everyday life an earthy one.

Make it Seasonal: You can make this terrarium autumn themed for the holidays by adding decorative autumn scented pinecones inside the hanging terrarium. Giving your home a refreshing smell of autumn!



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