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Combat Your Kid’s Crappy Behavior with These Wine Pairings

May 20, 2016

Calgon take me away!  An old commercial signaling the need for a mom to slip away for a moment of peace.  The same holds true today although some moms prefer to say “Chardonnay take me away!”  There are plenty of articles and information sources that will tell you which wine goes with your steak, seafood and dessert.  But, here are some wine pairings you can really use as we take a look as which wines pair with your kid’s behavior!

  1. Crappy Diaper and Riesling – I know an explosive diaper doesn’t smell so sweet.  A good Riesling can help with that.  Riesling has a sweet taste, and has a low acidity level.  That should cancel out the high acid smell and reset your beloved olfactories.


  1. Crappy Attitude – You’re not a cool mom and your preteen or teen has spent the whole car ride home reminding you?  After you’ve gotten them home and grounded them, get a little grounded yourself with a nice glass (or two) of a Sauvignon Blanc.  It has an earthy taste and fragrance to help bring you back to your senses.


  1. Crappy Day – Kids, career and husband clamoring, or shall I say yelling for your attention? Remind them all and yourself who the queen is with a nice glass (or bottle) of Cabernet Sauvignon.  It is considered the King, well now Queen, of red wines.  It is rich and powerful and will remind you of the royalty you are!

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