Crossfit – It Sucks Everytime!

August 4, 2015

This picture is funny in so many ways to me. The irony of it, mainly. Let me disclaim before I go further – I am nowhere near my goal (you see that back fat!), but I am so far from where I started. See, I am about as unathlethic as they come. As a child, I played INSIDE – and this was before that was normal. I didn’t like to get dirty, and I definitely didn’t like to sweat. Look up “prissy” in the dictionary, and you would see a picture of me raising my hand! So for me to now be able to lift weights that weigh more than ME…well, I have to high-five myself for that one! I started working out consistently about two years ago….after several failed attempts. I was the girl that the trainers quit. I’ve had several to quit on me, and this is not to discredit them – because the problem was ME. I was a whiner, I would convince any male trainer that I was too tired to go any further. As someone with asthma and a convincing smile, it’s easy to pull off.  Then, two things happened. I started viewing my health differently – mainly because of my kids. I have to be around for them, and in order to be my best self, I have to be healthy. The second thing was, I found someone to INSPIRE me. In this process, I learned a lot about myself. I can’t be taunted, tricked, or bribed into working out. I don’t care to outlift or outrun anyone. But, if a person inspires me – I don’t want to let them down. For me, that person was my trainer Kenya. I’ve watched her singlehandedly lose over 100 pounds and form a thriving fitness business in the process. And, she has been the only trainer to really motivate me. I started working out with her, and her principles have stuck with me as I have transitioned to Crossfit. And yes, it sucks every time. It never gets easier. But the feeling when you complete your WOD – utter joy. You feel like you just ran a marathon. And guess what, you didn’t die.

Here’s the WOD I did today, try it at home!


Do three rounds of each exercise. First round, do 21 reps. Second round, do 15 reps. Third rep, do 9 reps.

Box Step-Ups, Holding 20 pound dumbbells


Body Row’s

Front Squats (I did 55 pounds)


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