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December 19, 2016

In life you will experience a lot of trial an error. Much like interior decorating, certain things are instilled in you and some you discover as you go. I am here to guide you through a few simple mishaps that often occur in the decorating world. This is not limited to professional interior decorators but those who often dab in a few household “DYI’s”. Hopefully these tips can save you from a little house trouble and add to your sense of design.


  • DON’T go overboard!! Just because you can doesn’t mean you should! At times, less is more and you will realize this as you progress in this industry. Try to stay away from over crowding your area with different patterns, furniture and knick knacks, which leads me to my next tip…


  • DON’T be too matchy!! You don’t have to always match colors, patterns and furniture but you can relate them. Stay away from coordinating sets, try to incorporate pieces that you love and would want to live with.


  • DON’T use white décor if you have kids or pets. As pure and beautiful as these pieces may be they can and will always be the hardest possessions to keep clean. If you do decide to have a few white pieces be sure to keep them in areas that are rarely used by the kids and have a “Do Not Enter Sign”. No but seriously be very mindful of how useful you want the décor to be.


  • DON’T push furniture against the wall you want to leave a little breathing room so the room will not look uninviting. You want to have the area relaxed and comfortable enough for people to want to converse with others. If the seating is too far away from each other you make it difficult for people to be attentive to one another.


  • DON’T ignore scale! Be sure to measure properly. Some furniture pieces may look like they fit but when it arrives can be a totally different story.


  • DON’T isolate rooms! There should be a flow from room to room so try to connect an accent color or pattern throughout the household.


  • DON’T skimp on drapery! Window treatments are very important and drapery panels frame your view. Lining and interlining protects your furniture, fabric and finishes from diminishing and is worth the extra cost.


  • DON’T sacrifice lighting. Lighting is very important to your area and can affect how the colors are portrayed. Be sure to use dimmers, table, and floor lights to enhance your room. This is an important part of your budget as well.  You don’t want to cut corners and be cheap when it comes to your lighting.

Those are a few guidelines that will be extremely helpful when decorating your home. Be aware of seasonal changes with designs but always keep these tips in your head as you or someone else takes the time and MONEY to decorate. This advice is very simple and can take you a long way in the interior design industry.

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