Dinner En Blanc – Washington, DC

September 8, 2015

Woman of all ages and races have one thing in common. We love dresses or skirts with pockets. At least that is what I was told over and over again at the super fab Dinner En Blanc event in Washington, DC! So many women stopped to chat about their love of the pockets on my dress. Such a simple pleasure. More important than pocket discussions, was the unifying vibe of the event. Over 2,700 people of all races and backgrounds popped up on the steps of The Carnegie Library, dressed to the nines in all white to dine with friends and strangers. It was beautiful. The unity, fashion and sparklers were awesome but as a designer, I appreciated the beauty of the tables and centerpieces the most! They were so creative! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the event!


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For more great photos and information check out #DEB!

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