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Easy Ways to Upgrade your Bathroom

March 11, 2016

Bathrooms are the smaller rooms in the house and often are one of the last priorities when it comes to remodeling.  The bathroom is also a room you use daily and should look its best.  There are a few quick tricks you can use to upgrade your bathroom without any remodeling.


bathroom paint

Face Lift

Paint is the first and obvious change you can make.  Before you do so you want to inspect the bathroom and make sure it doesn’t need any real repairs for fallen tile, peeling paint from too much moisture, etc..  Bright colors make bathrooms look larger.  No matter what color you choose, just be sure to choose a water based primer.

bathroom lighting


The next step is to upgrade the lighting around your vanity.  Also consider replacing the ceiling light with a beautiful hanging light or even a chandelier if you’re in to that sort of thing.


bathroom hardware bathroom hardware 2


Next, upgrade the hardware like draw pulls, knobs and towel bars etc., as well as.  Before shopping, decide whether you want to go with a simple concept (left) or a more contemporary hardware (right).

You will then of course want to select accessories such as tooth brush holder and soap dish etc. to match you concept.  You can also consider placing the new shower rod higher than usual to give the bathroom a bigger feel.





I am big into storage and organization to any room.  A room looks its best when everything has a place and is in its space.  Consider adding towel bars and hang storage baskets or bins from them.  You can also look to adding shelving above the toilet which is usually unused space.

These tips should help you upgrade your bathroom in one weekend.  Before you begin be sure to throw out all old clutter and make sure your bathroom isn’t in need of any real repairs.  All it takes is a plan, a few bucks, a weekend and you can have your upgraded bathroom!


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