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Great Things You Can Do for More Storage

June 17, 2015

Having a beautiful room hidden behind clutter is unfortunate. Regular day to day living may make it hard to maintain a clutter free home. Organization and storage are very important to any beautiful home. A home looks best when everything has a place and is in its space. Here are a few storage ideas that can help keep your home in order.

Wall Units

wall units

Wall units are the obvious choice for home storage. Whether you buy an unit or add your own shelves, this is a great way to organize and often times add to the décor of your home.

Stair Space

shelves under stairs

Utilizing wasted space is a popular alternative to the need of additional storage. One option is to add storage or shelving units under your stair case.

 staircase storage

Adding shelves along staircases is another option for shelves and storage.

Double Duty

 storagechairs                                ottoman storage

Look into purchasing pieces of furniture with hidden storage like these kitchen benches and ottomans.

Bins & Bars

 ikea-office-storage-ideas                storagebins

Putting up towel bars and hanging storage items from them is a great decorative way to organize working and cleaning spaces. You can also utilize colorful storage bins that match your room décor and can be placed on or under furniture or shelves. There plenty of stores like Michaels, Walmart, Target etc., that carry these decorative boxes and bins.

We certainly hope these ideas will help you identify ways to improve the storage and organization of your home. You can try the simple ones today and add in the other storage ideas as needed! Remember every room is at its best when everything has and is in its space!

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