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June 9, 2015

Sometimes serious interior design is just child’s play. Kidspace is the one place where kids definitely need to be seen and heard. When the growing needs of the family scream for a new kid-friendly space, designers intervene and interview both parents and kids to find out what everyone wants. Kids find new room to roam as ordinary spaces become music rooms, clubhouses, outdoor playlands, hip hangouts, game and “chill” rooms. When it’s all done, no one has to be told, “Now, go to your room!”

About this Episode:

What happens when one boy gets two new roommates? A crowded mess! Vidal Guevara’s basement has a lot going on. Not only is it a playroom for four kids (three boys and a girl), it’s just been converted into a bedroom for all the boys. Interior designer, Keisha Gilchrist give the kids a new, ultra-cool basement pad.

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