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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

September 28, 2015

I recently completed a “space-lift” for a client’s home.  That is when we simply give the space a fresh updated look with new accent chairs, paint, window treatments and accessories.  It is a small service we offer loyal clients at a very discounted rate.   This particular job consisted of upgrading the living room and all of the bedrooms.  The teen daughter had one simple request, she needed a “selfie-worthy” mirror.  No problem!  We found the perfect mirror for her but couldn’t help but make note of a few fab mirrors that stand out all on their own.

We ended up going with this Driftwood mirror combo for her room and en-suite.

driftwood floor mirror driftwood round mirror

Here are a few other favorites we liked as well!

Duchamps Storage Mirror venitian floor mirror

mirror2 Lotus-Mirror-Greige

7.90465-545f7bad37fe6e9f7f750c2b55a8463f  Capital Lighting Mirror



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