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The Ambiance of Your Home is Influenced By Your Color Choices

January 11, 2018

The Ambiance of Your Home is Influenced By Your Color Choices

Have you ever entered someone’s home and instantly felt relaxed? Or energized? Or happy? It’s important, when choosing colors for your home, that you first determine how you want to feel within your space.

Paint colors set the backdrop for the emotions we feel when we are at home. There are colors that make you feel quiet serenity, these colors often allow a space to feel more open and incorporate nature through the use of light and airy window fabrics, or none at all. Other colors evoke a cozy and inviting feel. Those two different tones are cool tones and warm tones.

Included in cool tones are the blues and green and also within this color palette you get the lavenders, emeralds, teals, silvers and grays to name a few. Applying these colors in the perfect space within your home can help give the illusion of a spacious home.

Cool toned spaces

The rooms below are given a spacious feel through the use of cool tones. Also, they all have a relaxing aura because you are not flooded with mixes of colors that clash.


Warm toned spaces

 A warm tone color scheme can be used anytime you want a home to feel more cozy and intimate. The colors within the warm tone palette are the reds, rusty oranges and vivacious yellows to name a few. Choosing warm tones to influence your rooms of choice can create the perfect amount of intimacy in a room. Warm tones can make a spacious room bring you a cozy embrace when using the colors strategically. These rooms use warm colors to set the tone of the spaces.


Whether using warm or cool tones – it’s important to consider your personality and how you plan to use the room when making your choices.


Understanding both warm and cool tones can give you an insight on how to collide them when designing your home. For example, you can design your home with the cool greys and the pop of yellow/orange from the warm tones. Have it where your home is balanced and does not have colors that are overwhelming to the ambiance of a room you are going for.



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