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Tips For Exploring High Point Market – High Point, North Carolina

October 28, 2015

Last week we had the pleasure of attending our first High Point Market in High Point, North Carolina! People have called it the New York Fashion week of furniture and accessories. The beauty and excitement may be the same, but I am sure High Point Market is a lot more active. We logged in over six miles of walking per day and still didn’t get to everything on our list. That certainly will not happen again. Now that we have one Market under our belt, we know how to navigate and plan the next trip to maximize our time. Here are a few tips for anyone in the world of design thinking about attending the High Point Market in the future.  These will help you conquer your first trip!


  1. Visit the High Point Market page to select a hotel associated with the event. They coordinated shuttles and free breakfast for High Point Market guests.
  2. Prepare to stay for at least three days. Spreading it out over a few days give you a better chance of seeing all the beautiful vendors on your list without rushing, or skipping appointments. It is also just a lot to cover under 48 hours.
  3. List vendors you want to see by building AND by wing and set appointments accordingly. The High Point website will tell you the location of every participating vendor. Make sure you do that research and have a game plan and agenda before you arrive.
  4. Set appointments. You can certainly just walk in and be helped but your guided visit may be cut short if someone with an appointment arrives. Appointments also help you stay focused on a game plan.
  5. If vendors offer food and drink, which most of them do, take it. It helps keep you fueled and from having to stop or find dining. Now, quite a few offer wine and champagne. You certainly don’t have to say yes to all of those. It will be easy to lose focus!
  6. Make notes of items you want as you go vendor by vendor but refuse the urge to buy everything you see. At the end of day two, look at your list and spend day three or four revisiting your list and making/purchasing your final selections. Also bring notes to the trip with you. List what specific items you need. Otherwise you will be walking around buying everything. Trust me, I know!
  7. Ask BEFORE you take pictures.  Not every vendor is open to pictures being taken.  We learned that the abrasive way at Cynthia Rowley, which was absolutely lovely!
  8. Wear extra comfy flats. If you can’t walk six miles in them, leave them at home.


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