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Welcome Back Barbie or Too Little Too Late?

January 29, 2016


As you may have heard by now, our old friend Barbie got a makeover.  Yes that is correct,  Barbie’s got back ladies!  Just like you and I and more importantly, our daughters.  Dolls help our children develop early definitions of beauty.  That is why many African American women like myself have purposely purchased dolls of color for our kids.   Many doll companies have gotten with the times and created a myriad of options with different color and ethnic backgrounds.   Thankfully Mattel has saw fit to not only address our different colors, but it decided to embrace our bodies.  Our real, curvy, short, tall and still beautiful bodies.


I got into a discussion with a few women.  Some of which thought it was wonderful and planned to show their support in purchasing the new Barbies as soon as possible.  However some felt it was a little too late and had no real urge to give the Barbie empire another try.  One thing we all could agree on is that this was an awesome time for a teaching moment.  A fantastic time to have another conversation with our daughters about beauty standards, body image and self-love.


What about you?  Are you all in for the new Barbie?  Have you found other dolls with differing images of beauty?  If so, please share!Barbie5

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