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Year of Yes – Book Review!

March 12, 2017

Like many of you and millions of other viewers, I am a huge fan of Shonda Land!  For those of you who don’t know, Shonda Land is the name given to the string of television shows on ABC on Thursday nights, all produced by Shonda Rhimes.  It started with “Grey’s Anatomy” and now includes “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder.”

If you are a fan of her work, you may have noticed how much more visible she has become lately.  While reading her book, I discovered that her creative mind is much like mine.   We both prefer to create the environment and stay behind the scenes – shying away from recognition or accolades.  I’ve challenged myself to come from behind the curtain, hence the birth of this blog.  This book details how Shonda challenged herself to come out of her shell, with a year of saying “yes!”  This book makes you laugh and even get a little teary-eyed, as you discover that no matter how successful someone is – we all have struggles and challenges to overcome. It is our weaknesses and our vulnerabilities that unite us as humans.

This book was a wonderful read of her personal journey through a year of change.  Not only did she say “yes” to more public speaking opportunities, but most importantly, she started saying “yes” to herself in different ways.  This book will not only give you the insight into the changes she embraced, but it will make you consider ways you can begin to say “yes” to YOU!  And most importantly, you will find yourself forgiving yourself for your inequities. Not a perfect mom? It’s OK. Shonda even dispels the myth here of “You can have it all” – you will have to read up to find out why she disagrees with that mantra. I can’t give the WHOLE book away (smile).

Please pick up this great read and don’t put it down without a list of ways you can start to say “YES!”

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